Mittwoch, 7. August 2019

Never Check Email Before Noon

"....If you open your email in the morning and see three messages that you need to respond to later on, there goes three percent of your computer memory. 

If you have to remember to take your child to practice after school or pick up the dry cleaning or go to the grocery store, there goes a little bit more memory. The more tasks that are left unfinished, the more memory gets used up remembering, thinking, worrying, and planning for those tasks.

Here’s the punchline: If your brain is constantly filled with all of these secondary tasks, how much memory do you have left over to do meaningful, creative work? 70 percent? 50 percent? Even less?

Trying to do your best work with a distracted brain is like trying to swim for a gold medal without a swim cap. Divided attention is like a thick head of hair creating a constant drag in your mental waters....."

James Clear

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