Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2015

Free-Style swimming - Balance, Streamline and Whole-Body Propulsion

".....But while the human body becomes an ‘energy-wasting machine’ in the water, the human brain is a ‘problem-solving machine’ and our land-dweller’s DNA provides a lifetime’s worth of problems to solve.  The best measure of this is that untrained swimmers convert only 3% of energy into forward motion, while dolphins convert 80%......we’ve refined a process for teaching three essential elements of ‘fishlike’ efficiency–Balance, Streamline and Whole-Body Propulsion.
When I saw the transformational effect of these skills on all our students—including those with decades of experience–though I was already 40 and had swum a marathon and won medals at Masters Nationals–I stopped training and racing for several years to finally learn the right way to swim....."


Personal Training in Neuweier und im Rebland - Winter2015/2016

3 mal Personal Training a 2 Stunden: 

3er-Karte (3 Termine a jeweils 2 Stunden Personal Training / Termine nach Vereinbarung) für den Zeitraum 15.10.2015 - 31.03.2016

Preis: 139.- Euro brutto  für 6 Stunden

Trainingsort:  Baden-Baden-Rebland (Neuweier, Steinbach, Varnhalt). Indoor und Outdoor.

Nur im genannten Zeitraum. Für Neukunden.

Dauer pro Trainingseinheit: 120 Minuten.

Terminvereinbarung grundsätzlich möglich für:

Montag - Samstag / 06.00 - 20.00 Uhr (jeweils Trainingsbeginn)

Mehr Infos:



Mauerbergstraße 110

76534 Baden-Baden

Tel.: 07223 / 8004699

Mobil: 0177 / 4977232

Fax: 07223 / 8005271 


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