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Split-Squats as a full-body exercise

Split-Squats are a full-body exercise:
They work the knees, the hip, the glutes, the quadriceps and the calves. 

And they do a contribution to your ability to balance your body-weight during a movement.

How it works:  
Stand in a lunge position and rest the toes of the back foot on a wall, a box or a bench or something comparable. 
Now lower the torso by bending the front knee. 
Lower the knee straight-down without any extra movement to to front. 
This means: Do not lunge beyond your toes. Concentrate on moving straight down with the front knee. This will work your leg and especially your glutes.


Personal Fitness Training / Winter 2015/2016
– Personal Training oder Training für 2 Personen –


Trainingsinhalte nach Vereinbarung / in jedem Fall findet im Rahmen des ersten Termins ein Bewegungstest (Functional Movement Screen / FMS) statt (Dauer: etwa 20 – 25 Minuten) 


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